Sunday, 30 June 2013

:: before we are five ::

I made a comment to Eti this afternoon that we really only have today and next weekend together as just the four of us (apart from early mornings and minutes during the week-day evenings) before Eti's parents arrive for a month and then (hopefully!) our baby boy arrives before they return back to Switzerland! Their return date is six days after our due date, so we're hoping that "early" is the preference, rather than "late" for the little man.

Being a beautiful, clear winter's day we decided to head out with the girls once they had woken from their nap, and take them down to the beach and playground - two of their favourite places to be. A combination of changeable weather lately, and a mummy who is maybe a little lazy, has meant we haven't made it to these places as often as they are requested (most days!). Papa is wonderful at jumping at any opportunity to go outdoors and turning it all into a fun adventure, so we happily tagged along...


  1. Gorgeous photo's - looks absolutely delightful :)

  2. I agree with Leonie! Stunning photos as usual. Enjoy your family time before the visitors!