Sunday, 22 June 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

It's been an interesting week around here. Mum and Dad chose the best week to go to Rarotonga because the weather has been particularly wintery (for Auckland standards) and there has been a lot of rain, which always throws a spanner in the never-ending-piles-of-laundry-and-no-dryer works ;o) Our girls have also been unwell, we've been packing for our move and looking after Oska, my parents' little furry guy. Needless to say there has been a bit of cabin fever for four little people and one big person! It was nice to get some decent length of sunshine this afternoon to get out into. 

A: When we moved in here there were two telephones on a shelf. They've been well used since in making phone calls to friends. I'm often called on to talk to Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus, Peppa Pig and all sorts of friends who are not well, coming to parties and going places. I love the sparkles in the grinning eyes when I do talk to these friends ;o)

E: Caught your sister's bug, but just like her you insist that you feel ok, even though it's clear you're not 100%. I'm always amazed at your toughness in these times! Today you had fun playing outdoors helping Papa pack the van, picking flowers for your favourite people and riding your bike around. Your heart is ever thoughtful and sweet. 

T: I hoped to catch a photo of a moment I spotted when Oska was sitting beside you, which is undoubtedly something you love, being one of his biggest fans! Those moments are fleeting because you're quick to grab hair, or in Oska's case, his fur, and as soon as I moved he did too. I did however catch your adoring look as you watched him :o) Between you and Lucy, Oska's popularity is assured!

Oska: Being our fourth child this week, of course you must feature ;o) Especially seeing as you will be moving much further away in just over a week. You're fast and you keep us on our toes - sometimes a little too much - when we let you out for a few minutes of freedom. Here you had slipped quickly through the fence into the neighbouring field, but only for a moment (no worries, mum and dad!). Sorry, buddy, no doubt you'll be happy to be back in a fully fenced section to roam in freedom tomorrow!

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  1. Such beautiful wintry sun pictures. Little toughies they are! hope all the bugs go away soon xx

  2. Your weekly posts of your children are always so beautiful but the second one from the top oh my...took my breath away....that light is exquisite!

  3. One brave mummy looking after all those little ones and packing up house AND taking beautiful photos!