Wednesday, 17 September 2014

:: la suisse ::

We are back in Switzerland! As it often is when one returns somewhere familiar, it feels like we haven't been away for so long and it is really good to be back in a place we love and are familiar with. I could even race through the supermarket the other day and find everything I was looking for in their usual places...including the croissants au chocolat :o)

Our jet lag is slowly fading. We've had nights of wide-awake children at crazy hours, and day naps that have stretched a little too long, but I'm optimistic that tonight will be much closer to normal again. It was a very long trip with Amélie who fell ill the day before we left and the others who went downhill during the travels. Needless to say there was some very blatant bribery on my part going on in an effort to get the medication in to help keep little bodies comfortable. The promise of Swiss chocolate or choosing their own stories at the supermarket worked very effectively! The little ones did brilliantly overall and did manage to fit in several hours of sleep scattered throughout the flights.
Our first days have been relaxed, which has been great. We had to visit a pediatrician (all children here see pediatricians rather than GPs) with Elise and Théo who became ill with high temperatures and horrible coughs. We had to then make a small visit to the hospital for a chest x-ray for Elise to check for pneumonia, which thankfully was all clear. Both had bronchiolitis and Théo also pharyngitis and bordering on an ear infection. So it's been a rather eventful first week! But thankfully both have bounced back to their normal happy little selves.

In the meantime we've been enjoying the small things - being back in this little neighbourhood, surrounded by forest and chalets, gruyère cheese, saucisson, baguettes, croissants, hearing the cow bells! And of course catching up with friends! Eti's parents and some good friends of ours organised a pizza day on Saturday and we made delicious pizzas in their wood-fired oven while enjoying time with friends who could come and spend time with us throughout the day. Even the weather cooperated and treated us with beautiful sunshine.

The girls have been enjoying their time with their grandparents. Grand-Papa, especially, has two little shadows that accompany him everywhere, and he has acquired a third who has quickly been drawn to his warm, fun nature. No wonder when there are plenty of adventures on electric skateboards, picking raspberries in the forest, making cabanes (huts) in the back yard and playing for ages with the Duplo, among other things!

It's great to be here and we're trying not to let time fly too fast, as we fit in what we can. We're looking forward to heading over to Tessin, the Italian part of Switzerland to spend time with our friends there in a couple of days. Until then, enjoy your week out there!


  1. Oh my - you have had quite the eventful time of it. So tough when kiddies get sick and you are away from home but at least you were somewhere where the health system was familiar. Did the airport lounge turn out ok? Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures as they unfold xx

  2. Oh happy days! Sounds like you are loving every minute and thank goodness the kiddies are ok now and can enjoy it too! Travelling with litties is no mean feat so well done you! Like Meghan - looking forward to hearing about all your adventures over there! xx

  3. Oh this takes me back…which part of the country are these photos taken? I was in Valais for a year - it's scary to say exactly how long ago that was, but these photos make me smile at the memories of my time in La Suisse. Can't wait to see more photos - the weather looks absolutely amazing!