Sunday, 6 April 2014

:: 14 : 52 ::

"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

A & E: We're enjoying the sunny, dry, hot Indian summer days and this moment, sprinkled with your laughter, contagious giggles, flurry of movement and ever-changing imagination for all the uses of ribbons, was one that I smiled at as I watched and stored away in my memory bank :o)

T: You can now sit up pretty well on your own now, which is a fun change of perspective for you, no doubt! I still tuck those cushions around you, because you like to throw yourself back with a twinkle in your eye as you go, lying back and trying to lift yourself back up. I like this shot because Oska is behind you, and you love to watch him with a big smile on your face, fascinated by all he does. And, now you can say...


  1. they are beautiful children and joyful photos xx

  2. Oh these photos are so beautifully filled with joy and delight...gorgeous! Xx