Monday, 31 March 2014

:: an autumn day ::

We spent a few hours out and about today. Over the past ten days or so four out of the five of us have been battling colds. One spent a good part of the week in bed, and this weekend I have felt on the edge of making the four become five! So we got out for some fresh air, enjoying this sunny, still, beautiful Autumn day. I mentioned to Eti twice "It's such an autumn day!" - something about the light, the felt very end-of-the-long-summer-and-autumny ;o)

While it was beautiful and good to be out, there was much indecisiveness, a few grumpy words and very tired big and little voices between us. Something that the photos don't show. But the beauty around us captured me, and it did each of us as we enjoyed our surroundings, collecting acorns and their "hats," pinecones, picking from the bounty of our tomato patch and noticing the changing colours of the trees.

We're embracing this changing of the seasons and all that autumn brings: soups with fresh breads, the appearance of woollen hats and blankets, long sleeves, flannelette pyjamas, apple sauce with our morning porridge, feijoas, fruit crumbles...ah, the cosiness of the darker evenings and mornings and the changing of nature as it prepares for the coming winter (as much as it does here in the relative sub tropics of the north!). I hope this finds you noticing the beauty and embracing the changes where you are, whether going into spring or autumn!

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  1. Looks like a lovely day! It's quite lovely acknowledging the new season in this way - these photo's and feelings are very reminiscent of our big autumn weekend a couple of weeks ago! Such fun x