Saturday, 10 May 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

It's been a pretty exciting week here in our house. Our girls had their 4th birthday! I've always loved the celebrations of family birthdays. But for these two it seems particularly special given the circumstances surrounding their very early arrival and the odds that were highly stack against their chances of a. surviving and b. surviving with no long-term complications. So, each year when this special day comes around we celebrate their beautiful, adventurous, imaginative, spunky little lives with hearts full of thankfulness for all that we walked through to this point. 

I loved the first shot of them here, half-dressed between PJs and clothes. I let them watch one of their current favourites on Youtube, Peppa Pig, as we got ready to go and meet some special people at a really sweet little café called The Cupcake Fairy Café. E's new jeans were falling down, so these bright braces did a good-enough job of keeping them up around her waist until we finally tracked down a belt later in the day ;o)

A: These glasses always get me. Love them! As well as the fun little girl, her self-decorated strawberry pink cupcake and strawberry milkshake in a sprinkle-rimmed bottle. What more could a 4 year-old want?! ;o) 

E: This sweet one is a true gift of grace to us. She gets right in and enjoys life - chocolate icing moustache and all! If you know her and have followed our story since her beginning, you will know that her first months were pretty tough. Pretty scary for us as parents to face the reality that we quite possibly wouldn't have had her with us. But she fought and she was protected and today her one vocal chord that works leaves her with a voice that is almost as soft as her heart.

T: He's the only one that plays along with the camera. While his sisters purposely ignore me/roll their eyes (!) he smiles and screws up his face. That he has blueberry pancake around his mouth makes him even cuter ;o) 

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