Thursday, 22 May 2014

:: hungry cubs ::

She's as thoroughly clever and creative as she is beautiful. She's our sister and aunt and a mummy to a very sweet little one. We had a lovely time together yesterday morning with them both, as the wind blew and rain showers interspersed with sunshine and rainbows passed through the valley outside.

The girls had received a baking kit each for their birthday, complete with cupcake papers and toppers and the essential ingredients to make delicious chocolate cupcakes. Signature Hungry Cub goodies that are whole-food, gluten-free and refined sugar free. I watched as she helped the girls shake and mix ingredients into a bowl, a little in awe at how she can do it without a recipe and just knows intuitively approximately how much of everything needs to go in. Agh I can go with the flow to a certain extent, but not like she can! She's my go-to-guru for cooking and baking advice and I am always so grateful and impressed with her skill!

She's the brains, beauty and creative artist behind Hungry Cub. A food blog that was born out of her desire to provide her little girl with healthy whole-food meals and snacks. It's still in its early days, but with quite a growing following there and on its Facebook page. I think, with the increasing knowledge and awareness that there is about processed foods and what sorts of nasties can be added in to a lot of these, most of us are keen to make changes where we're able to, to make sure that we and our families are eating as healthily as we can manage. And, you know, it's actually quite tasty ;o) If you're interested I completely recommend you check out her recipes. They're all tasty, easy to make (for the most part!) and pretty amazing!

The girls love baking. They especially love doing it all - breaking the eggs, adding the ingredients and mixing it all together. They also love to taste the mixture at every cycle of mixing ;o) One thing that I'm learning as a mummy is to let go of my perfectionist tendencies to try to keep mess to a minimum and just let them at it...even if most of the mixture goes into their mouths before it gets into the oven. Surely most of the fun is actually in the process of creating...and what's left as the end product is a bonus!

We're going to miss this sweet little family when they move to Tauranga at the end of June. It will be quite the week with three of us (families) all moving at the same time! But at least a couple of hours down the road isn't too far to go and spend weekends together!

(...he's gonna miss your shoelaces too) ;o)


  1. You're very lucky to have a sister like that - but I'm sure she feels the same way about you too. Hungry Cub recipes are a favourite for me - her amazing chocolate tart and afghans are up there with my favourite makes xx

  2. That is just so gorgeous and so sweet and what a wonderful family you have Remaliah - so so blessed all round to have each other x