Monday, 15 July 2013

:: 37 weeks ::

Today our little guy is 37 weeks old and now only days away from being classed as 'term'! It still feels very surreal that any time within the next weeks we will meet our own and very real little person! Eti's parents arrived on Saturday and will be with us for the next month. Maybe baby will come early, on time or up to 4 days late to catch them before they leave, maybe not! We know how babies can be...I've always said to the girls that the baby will come when Grand-papa and Grand-maman are here, so last night Amélie came over and asked me "Baby come out now??" May it be sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, the girls are very much enjoying time with their Grand-papa and Grand-maman. I'm enjoying not having to do all that needs to be done around the house. Though I do need to learn to be better at sitting down and not still doing bits and pieces that I see need doing! We're also being very spoilt by my parents and sisters who have been cooking, sewing and lending many tasty, beautiful and necessary things for us to consume and enjoy :o)

We're now ready with all we need for our baby. I have an almost-daily routine of re-organising the change table and bassinet as items are often borrowed for teddies and baby dolls, and frequently one or more can be found tucked up in blankets in the bassinet! After days of frustrated organising, being all too perfectionist about having things in order and tidy, I thought to myself what's the harm?? The girls love to play mummy and while life is just a little more peaceful, they can make the most of the empty spaces!

So, while we wait we are enjoying our time together before our lives change :o)