Friday, 8 March 2013

:: moments of beauty ::

Some moments, among many, from our days this week...simple meals, special people, things we're enjoying amidst the messiness & weariness of our normal every-day life...

"Mummy big tummy!" is heard many times around here these days!

Our gorgeous little cousin

Breathtaking sunrises outside our very door

Fruit - a staple in our lives

"Marmite" is almost always the first request for breakfast. Though unaware that, for the last months, we've actually been having Vegemite, my sister and I are quite excited about the return of the real stuff on the 20th!

Finding ways to use leftovers - coming from one who stresses too often about how to create healthy, cost-effective, time-efficient meals, this one brought me a feeling of satisfaction as it disappeared into little mouths.

Having our almost-daily dose of français to help keep our words up! Tchoupi is a long-standing favourite for our girls

Attentive watching

Box houses are such fun! I smiled at a little conversation I overhead (amongst the gibberish that they seem to understand between each other!)
E: Amie! Amie!
A: Go away Leesie! Amie having sleep!
Which led to lots of giggles and conversations

Enjoying breakfast at our very own pre-loved table, which holds with it plans of many meals, tea parties, fun art and baking in its future

A new space to create on

An amazing package of sweet treats in the postbox this afternoon that was won via Sammy's wonderful new blog. What an example of continuing to give generously out of a time of heartbreak...she blesses us! (thank you!)

We hope the beauty among the 'normal' moments of your week are also evident. Have a wonderful weekend! :o)


  1. Lovely Remaliah. I can't get over how big the girls are ... they are growing fast now!