Tuesday, 24 December 2013

:: a thousand angels are singing out ::

Do you hear the sound?
A thousand angels are singing out.
 To God Almighty we're bowing down
And that's what Christmas is all about!

Oh to hear a thousand angels praising God on that night so many years ago when He became man and was born on earth in a completely humble position, to grow and teach us how to truly live. Amidst all the excitement and rush and crossing off of to-do-lists, we wish you a wonderful Christmas season. Whether you're celebrating with a lot of people, just one or on your own, we pray your heart will be warmed with encouragement as you participate in this day of Life, Love and generous Giving. 

We leave you with this fun Christmas song (brought to you by some current favourites for our girls) and some recent photos. 

(we have a Papa who is awesome at making swings!)

Opening some presents on Christmas Eve - new books from Grand-Papa et Grand-Maman!!

Be safe in your travels, enjoy the true Spirit of the season, and be blessed as 2013 comes to a close ;o) 

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  1. Beautiful post Remaliah - I love the pics of the girls on the swing in that beautiful light - what a lovely spot you have. Blessings for a very peaceful and precious Christmas to you all xx