Saturday, 22 February 2014

:: lessons from the laundry ::

The other day I wrote about what I had noticed in nature. Well, as it happens, common household appliances can teach life lessons as profound as wonderfully created insect species. My day did not get off to a good start today. Maybe it was because my sleep was broken in middle of the night when I got up to a little girl who was scared of the dark. It probably didn't help that it was also cut short when her sister came through around 6am full of energy and ready to start the day. Or most probably it was because I knew that our washing machine was throwing problems at us and we'd tried different things last night to get it to drain the water, to no avail. The thought of such a often-used machine being out of action and, worse, the large repair bill, led to a pretty grumpy mummy.

Well, thankfully the story ends well. My handy-man got out his tool kit and took the whole machine apart to figure out what was going wrong. After a good hour or so he came out with a lump of something unidentifiable, saying "I've found the problem!.....but I might have wrecked the machine!"
Turns out that there was a wad of hair-tie/nappy liner plus a piece of shell and hair clip all caught up in the pipe. No wonder the water wasn't going anywhere. My amazing man was then able to put the whole machine back together, after mopping out the water that had poured into its base as a result of the rescue operation. And we've put about five loads of washing through since ;o)

A clear lesson stood out straight away, to this guilty-but-much-happier mummy: take care of the little things (like checking pockets in this case!) and you'll avoid bigger problems. I think that's a clear one that applies to many other life situations... ;o)

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  1. Haha love it - so true too! glad the machine is working now! x