Saturday, 19 April 2014

:: the saturday of questions ::

It's Easter Saturday. That gap between Good Friday, when we simultaneously eat hot-cross buns and try to fathom the incredible implications of what Jesus did in giving up His life for us, and Easter Sunday, when we pull out the Easter eggs to hide around the garden for our children to find, and celebrate the new life and new beginnings He offered us in coming back to life. Sometimes I think about this Saturday and what it might have been like for those living right in the middle of it. Jesus had spoken of rebuilding the Temple in three days, but did they really understand literally what that would mean? Jesus was now dead. What were his followers doing? What were they thinking? How were they feeling? It must have been horrific, without doubt, to have seen what had happened to Jesus the day before. To have felt helpless to defend him, not to mention too afraid to stand up against the forces of the authorities. I wonder what this day, the silent one after his death and before his resurrection, was like for them...




Were they overwhelmed with regret and what-ifs and Why did/didn't I do that?

Were they questioning life Is this all there is?

Sure, Jesus had spoken of things to come and of His Kingdom, but on that day did it seem like all those dreams were dead also? Unlike us, they didn't have the benefit of knowing what was just about to happen in the following days. But, how often is it very similar for us, too,  in our distrust when we contemplate our future, even with the Easter story as a backdrop?

Disillusioned, overwhelmed by hopelessness and doubt, wondering if it's all really true? Or, Is it just too good to be true? That same voice that pulls us away so easily from the hope and the inexpressable joy that is ours in trusting that what Jesus has promised us. The voices that keep us from enjoying the sweet taste, unlike anything else, of the fullness of life that comes when we live out the truth of who He is, who we were created to be, and in loving and valuing others as who they were created to be!

Today started out as one of those days for me, if I'm honest. I'm not sure why - apart from the fact that there are some big things ahead - but I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed about life and it's easy to really wonder what is ahead, letting doubt and worry flood in. I have the promises in my mind, and I'm surrounded by so much goodness, but still I waver and struggle. Thankfully there is that glimmer of hope within me - a quiet confidence that...

This serves as a beautiful reminder for us as much as it was for those who went through that Saturday so long ago. As Jesus' followers discovered on that beautiful Sunday morning, and the subsequent days filled with awe and joy, we also have that in part now and one day will experience it in all its fullness: that life - true life - is so, so much better than anything we've ever known before!

So let's enjoy those Easter eggs tomorrow, celebrating the sweet taste and the symbol of the new life, hope and joy that Jesus freely offers us!


  1. Beautiful thoughts Remaliah - thank you for sharing your heart xx

  2. the best is yet to come. he knows the plans he has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans, to give you a hope, and a future

  3. Beautifully written thoughts Remaliah. Amazing to know that something unimaginable awaits us, thanks to His amazing act. Happy Easter to you and yours xx

  4. This made me think things I hadn't thought before on Easter. Noone ever really talks about what his disciples may have been feeling on that Saturday and you're right when you say it was probably what we feel everyday when we doubt our hope and future in him. Our hope is secure though based off His sacrifice and His promise and goodness me, how great is that!

    Happy Easter to you and may He fill your hearts and minds full of love, trust and hope xx