Sunday, 17 August 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

Our little guy's birthday week! What a wonderful gift it is to celebrate one whole year of spending life with you! You are much loved by us and we had a fun week celebrating you :o)

A: Your brother's teepee was occupied with pillows and blankets and girls within minutes of being set up! Thankfully at this age he was quite unaware ;o) I'm sure this will be the centre of many adventures to come.

E: Sweet girl - a photo taken by one of your favourite people in the whole wide world - Aunty Jomine :o)

T: The birthday boy! This photo was taken with some very stealthy crown placing movements by mummy followed in quick succession by funny distractions because boy, you are fast to remove anything that gets put on your head! Your birthday gift of Duplo has been strategic in ensuring you also get to play with your sisters...seeing as you own quite a large share of it now!

We had a lovely little celebration among our northern family this weekend, complete with two of your favourites present - Oska and cousin Lucy - and enjoyed yummy treats in the winter sunshine. And, though you still have ear infections, your happy self returned on your birthday and your colour is back - though the sickness is still sticking around.

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