Wednesday, 19 December 2012

:: new place ::

We're back! In a different place, but with plenty of life to share with you :o) The long pause hasn't been entirely planned...a mix of computer issues and a full photo storage space on our other blog has meant a bit of silence on our part in this social network world, and a new blog! Life definitely doesn't stop, as we all know, so this post will be a mish-mash of what we've been up to lately. 

We're loving being near the coast, spoilt by a whole variety of beaches nearby to visit. The girls love digging their toes into the soft sands, collecting shells and splashing along the shoreline :o)

Decorating the Christmas tree was a whole new adventure for the girls this year! They jumped right in on their own initiative, climbing up the little step ladder to try and hang ornaments on the tree themselves :o) 

A fun time in the spa was also enjoyed and no doubt will be many times again once the girls are finally over their coughs and colds. 

We also had fun searching through a box of old buttons and stones from my grandparents. If buttons could talk their stories would be fascinating! Among them are some old NZ Army buttons. I wonder of the sights and places they have seen...

Our most exciting news for this time has been the arrival of our beautiful little (first) niece and cousin, Lucy. She's gorgeous, and her mummy and daddy are doing SO well! 

We spent several days over this past weekend down in the South Island celebrating my grandma's 83rd birthday with family. She changed a lot since we had last seen her at our wedding over three years ago, but it was really precious to be with her again, to enjoy her beautiful smiles and to introduce her to the girls who were quickly drawn to "Great Grandma."

We have been treated on our return back up to Auckland with the sight of this beautiful pohutukawa tree in front of the house, in full bloom. The pohutukawa is a native tree to New Zealand and flowers once a year over Christmas. Not surprisingly, it's known as NZ's Christmas tree, which is quite fitting with the summery season :o)

We hope this finds you well in this time of year that is often full of lists to be completed. I hope that, in contrast, you're able to relax, enjoy the celebration of Jesus' birth and find moments of peace amidst the preparations.


  1. So nice to have you back again. Love how much you have embraced Kiwi life already xx

  2. Hello! Will definitely be following you here! Have a wonderful Kiwi Christmas xxx

  3. Glad you are back again ... looking forward to more photo's and stories. Lots of love.