Monday, 14 January 2013

:: the zoo ::

We took the girls on a little adventure today - to the zoo! They were excited in anticipation of seeing "horseys" of which there weren't any (though we did spot some on the drive to the zoo!) but enjoyed spotting some of the rarer species of animal life. 

It's a wonderful zoo that we have here in Auckland. The enclosures are wonderfully designed, the vegetation lush and the whole layout of the park beautifully done. Thumbs up from us!

These guys were graceful in their underwater antics, just a little too fast for me and my camera skills :o) 

It was a fun morning out for us all and we'll be sure to return. In the meantime we continue to settle into New Zealand life. The reality of a move like this and the mixture of thoughts and emotions that accompany it can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Culture shock can lead to questions like "Did we do the right thing?!" We don't have a certain job or home for our family, but we're still in the beginning steps. The unfamiliarity of living here, contrasted with the familiarity, security and 'neatness' of where we came from is unsettling. But then, as I said to myself today..."We trusted and trust this is the right place for us for now and we need to choose to embrace it!!" Stepping out of a safe, familiar place into the unknown is surely going to tempt us to feel apprehensive. Thankfully we can trust there is a reason and a purpose even if we don't know it all yet. Baby steps, right! :o) 

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  1. Looks like you visited South Africa instead - even the flowers you will find in SA.