Saturday, 18 May 2013

:: something for our little guy ::

I've been a long-time admirer of those who can crochet and knit beautiful things. Several years ago when I came across the world of blogging, one of the very first blogs I started to read was Lucy's from Attic24. Her bright, vivacious, enthusiastic approach to life matches her beautiful creations, and she inspired me back then to embrace and add much more colour to our home. While I'm still a very long way off being able to create anything like she does, I'm still inspired to one day get to that point :o) 

In the meantime, this morning I finished my very first crochet project! A knitted blanket with a crochet border for our little guy who will be with us in just over 10 weeks, give or take a couple! It's very simple as you can see, and not at all perfect, but it matches my little skill level :o)

Me being the one who had to buy "Knitting for Dummies" while pregnant with the girls, and couldn't understand the instructions. Somehow I managed to learn from my mum via Skype, though it was back-to-front to me. But being a left-hander, maybe it was what I needed to get the hang of it all :o)

So, there we go. I'm now kinda hooked, so-to-speak, and already have plans for some real crocheting in the form of a granny square blanket and something for the girls to keep their babies warm while ours will be warm and snuggly in this one.

Very excited to finally have something creative to share and to join up with Leonie


  1. Oh I love it Remaliah! Looks warm and snuggly and just perfect! Go you with your knitting and crocheting - you'll master all sorts of things in no time :) And thanks for linking up! it's great to have you play along! x

  2. You crafty thing you.....I'm feeling so left behind, everyone I know around me is getting their knitting and crochet groove on! It looks gorgeous :-)

  3. You have created a lovely blanket.

  4. Wow, very nice. I'm in awe of those who can learn to crochet, I've tried but it all feels so weird to me and my knitting hands.

  5. This blanket is beautiful. I had to have a look through your old blog as you mentioned Switzerland - and even though I lived there for a year, I had never heard of your village before! Beautiful part of the world, and yes, you're right, very organised and clean.

  6. Lovely Remaliah! I am so happy that it is blue. :)