Sunday, 26 May 2013

:: sunday thoughts ::

I'm sitting here in one of our armchairs with the feet up in a quiet (but messy!) home as one little girl sleeps soundly and the other is off with Papa for an adventure. He made them a swing last week and tied it onto a tree down at the beach, so that's probably where they are right now. When he was there this morning for an adventure with the other little girl (they're, unusually, having completely alternate naps today) he was quietly thrilled to see other kids also playing with the swing. 

So I'm sitting here enjoying the beautiful, still day, eating a piece or two of some Toblerone that friends visiting from Switzerland gave us this week, and alternating between crocheting and reading, all the while with a head full of thoughts and a neck that is sore from sleeping the wrong way, but slowly coming right.

Our little guy is 30 weeks old tomorrow!! It was one milestone to pass 26 weeks, and it's another to reach the 30's! So far everything continues to go so well that I still often don't "feel" pregnant, unless I need to pick something off the floor, or try to sleep on my back :o) I'm so thankful that this time there are none of the terrifying moments of last time. I'm also realising how quickly time is going now, and that soon enough we'll be back to new baby stage in a whole different way. In thinking ahead I've realised that (I think) I subconsciously thought that having children was like getting married. In that you do it once and that's it. It's funny to realise that we'll have a brand new baby soon, and go through all those firsts again. It's very exciting! (though the getting-the-baby-out part first leaves me with some apprehension!). In the meantime there are upcoming events we're looking forward to, a weekend away to plan, and little projects to work on. As well as trying to organise our home and life and make some wise-over-idealistic choices so that I'm not behind the 8 ball and turning into a stressed-out puddle of tears, which has happened a few times lately. I'm really thankful for family, from Eti to my parents and brothers and sisters, who have all lent a hand in ways that have really been a gift. Not to mention these two, who remind me to find joy in the simple things and relax and enjoy the moment...

I loved watching this little scene unfold the other day. One persistent climber who, after being warned and told to get down time and again, continues to go up to the heights. She made this "tower" and then followed her sister's instructions to knock the tower over and make her cry...

...all the while with her trademark grin on her face at the anticipation of something to laugh about...

This is the face of the fake cryer, who was saying "Oh no, the tower is broken!" They have a fascination for faking at the moment, often doing something mischievous and then turning to one of us and asking that we cry. It was a humourous moment to observe because she was clearly copying me! :o) And there were plenty of giggles from all three of us!

Moments later two fairies appeared, twirling and dancing to their musical ball.

Two fun-loving big sisters-in-waiting who love their little brother already :o) Not too much longer until they'll be able to give him bisous, cuddles, stroke his hair and read him stories.


  1. sweet little cheeky things!

  2. So cute and cheeky! isn't sibling love just priceless? Hope these next few weeks go smoothly :)