Tuesday, 8 October 2013

:: matt & jomine ::

Our girls have always had people at different times and places we've lived in who have really made an impression on them and of whom they talk about a lot. No matter that they become incredibly shy in these peoples' presence, they testify of their love of them through their words and home-made gifts when they're in their comfort zones. For a long time it was Marc & "Lala" (Eti's aunt and uncle), who lived below us in our home in Switzerland. Since moving to New Zealand it's Julie and Steve (my aunt and uncle), "one Julie the hair-cutter" (who is the current number one, alternating with Julie and Steve, to take top honours every single day as the first response to "What would you like to thank God for today?"!) and Matt and Jomine, my brother and sister-in-law. Elise is particularly drawn to Matt and Jomine. Without fail almost every single drawing she creates or every flower she picks is for Matt and Jomine. Once she came running inside with a sweet bunch of flowers she'd just picked and gave them to me. "Oh thankyou sweetheart!" I exclaimed and she replied "For Matt & Jomine!" I think being "princesses" at their wedding back in April created such an impression on her, they will be forever close to her heart! (in fact, as an aside, tonight I was getting dressed to go out and wore the same dress as I did to the wedding. Elise was with me and said "Mummy putting tights on!" "Mummy putting dress on!" "Mummy getting married!!") She's got such a big, sweet, thoughtful heart!

We don't see Matt and Jomine a whole lot because we live a wee while away from them, across the city, and our lives are both pretty full with work and family life, so the days and weeks pass. But we do catch up pretty regularly for family get togethers. Often the flowers that are picked "for Matt and Jomine" are dutifully put in glasses of water on the windowsill then have to get discretely thrown out a few days later, wilted and not-so-pretty-anymore. So, I thought I'd take photos of the current bouquets that are adorning our windowsills for Matt & Jomine to receive virtual-style, and to capture a visual proof of the sweet and generous heart of our little girl who may just, almost-surely, have a love language of giving. Matt & Jomine, you are much loved by our family! :o)


  1. So so sweet - these sorts of bonds are so special :)

  2. I love that middle photo so much I've pinned it! hope that's ok!! So pretty!

  3. Awww!! Soooo cute what Elise was saying when you were getting dressed!! They are gorgeous :)