Tuesday, 15 October 2013

:: operation organisation ::

When I read Simone's first post about having a professional home organiser come to her place and help her sort out parts of her home that were really challenging to keep tidy (like many of us - the pantry, laundry and linen cupboards who have a life of their own!) I had two impressions. First I thought what a fascinating job to be able to put things into neat order and have a bunch of great organisational ideas to share to help others. Second, I was inspired because having things in order and organised is something I love to do (although, you can't always tell from my home!), and often I don't feel I can truly relax or 'play' until things are organised here at home. Although, I've learned to let that go because it's not really possible if I want to sleep! (I'm admittedly one of those crazy people who gets a kick out of putting things in rainbow-coloured order whenever possible). In the weeks leading up to Théo's arrival I had, for a short moment, everything clean and organised in the house (bear in mind we'd only lived here for a few months after shifting internationally with only suitcases...so not a HUGE amount of stuff!). Anyway, over the last few weeks I've been learning how to take care of a new little person and two bigger little people, so things have got increasingly out of order, dumped and crammed into spare spaces. And we shift to a new home in just over two weeks, so I haven't gone out of my way to purposefully tidy!

But, after seeing Simone's post, I was inspired to clean and order my food cupboards anyway and, in the process, think about how I could store things differently to make better use of the space. I haven't bought anything yet because it all depends on the size and space of the new pantry we'll have. I was surprised, though, to discover several double (or triple!) ups of a few items as I tidied through the pile of spice boxes and packets. Who needs three boxes of cayenne pepper?! or two boxes of nutmeg? It's not as though we use those often, even hardly ever! So I'm now armed with a little inventory of the containers I have got already and what would help to have when they come on sale one day (soon, hopefully!). In the meantime I now know where everything is :o)

Is there any space in your home that needs a little tidying attention? Join in with Simone's Spring Declutter!


  1. Fantastic Remaliah! It's such a good feeling, knowing where everything is, and being able to find it when you need it...! x

  2. You must be supermum! Twin toddlers, a baby, moving house and you're decluttering!