Sunday, 4 May 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

A: We had been anticipating our visit to this beloved Uncle and Aunt's home for weeks beforehand! They have just recently moved, not very far away from their last home. It was wonderful to spend time with them in their new little house that felt so very far away from the big city though it is actually quite close to the central city! They took us for a walk down to a bay very close to them that was so beautiful and quiet, with plenty of fun things for the girls to big tree trunks to walk along, rock pools to splash in and reeds to gather. Here's our adventurous Miss A walking confidently along a fallen tree trunk with her beloved and full-of-fun Aunty J :o)

E: Water is a magnet to this sweet little one! Wherever there is water, she will be there. Peppa Pig has also introduced her rather effectively to the art of jumping up and down in (muddy) puddles...therefore this is an experience that is enjoyed thoroughly whenever the opportunity arises :o) 

T: Today this little guy is 9 months old! I had to quickly run into a baby store on the way home yesterday to buy him a few size 1 tops as his current bodysuits are all reaching well above his wrists! This week has been rather momentous for us as, for the last three or four nights, he's gone to sleep with barely a peep of protest. After weeks and weeks of crying and crying and crying..(only at night time!) and with us at a loss to know why or what was best to do, he finally has realised that it really is going to be ok and he is now going off to sleep happily for the whole night. I can't say often enough what a sweet but courageous little man he is!

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  1. Lovely pictures :) Yay for courageous big boys and little lasses outside :)