Friday, 16 May 2014

:: thankfulness today ::

Today was such a beautiful, clear, cool Autumn day. There's nothing like a day such as this to lift the tired spirits, revive the downcast eyes and get a whole pile of washing out and dried! With such inspiration I thought it was high time I joined up to Meghan's 'Things I'm Loving' again to take note of what I'm thankful for these days. I love the byline of this linky:

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is. 

So true. All it takes to be thankful is seeing things in a different perspective.

This week we've had three little people with runny noses and nasty-sounding coughs. Us two bigger people are fighting on the edge so, needless to say, our perspective could easily not be so bright at the moment. Although I have to say that all three of the little ones are so impressive even when they surely can't be feeling great. They've never done sick grumpily - for the most-part they're hardly a notch less than their usual happy selves.  They can definitely teach me a thing or two.

The following are all from our day today, runny noses, a few fights and grumpy intervals along the way (please don't perceive perfection in any sense on our part through the following photos and words!)...

How can I not be thankful when greeted with a little face like this one as soon as the camera appears?! Clad in his mini flannelette pyjamas and eagerly eating his way through his cup of porridge and apple, he's a sweet little breakfast mate. He needed some extra cuddles and closeness today, so spent quite a bit of time accompanying me around in the front pack, grabbing a hold of anything that came within reach, like my hair or the clothes line. His grip and strength is growing proportionally with his weight gain. Ouch!

I'm loving our little lounge and the fact that it catches sun all day long, from sunrise to sunset. I love all the windows that give so much light, the warmth of the wood, and the bright spots of colour that make it feel cosy and well loved when it's chilly outside! I won't count how many window panes need cleaning before we move out in a few weeks, but rather admire how they provide us with such beautiful views to be enjoyed!

Speaking of views, one of my most favourites is of the little tree outside the lounge window. Since we've lived here it's changed from vivid Spring green to almost rainbow like these days with leaves all shades of reds, oranges, yellows and some still hanging back at green.

Being on a farm property means we are surrounded by fields. I love the views - the rolling hills and the ever-changing rotation of livestock in the neighbouring fields. At the moment my favourites are in residence: a sweet little flock of black-faced sheep who stick very close together as they make their way through the lush grass, often running and jumping as they go!

They're a curious little bunch of sheep too. I smiled as several of them watched Elise climbing up and along the fence. We'll miss their carefree little spirits and curiosity, that is also matched with the cattle that are often in the field as well.

I love these two and their never-ending energy to bounce and bounce and bounce.

...and the little characters from within who called out "I'm Elsa, mummy! I'm Elsa!" (Frozen) and "I'm Sarah, mummy!" (Little Princess). I slipped up several times throughout the day and was reminded countless times that "I'm Elsa, mummy!!" I'm thankful for bright, imaginative little minds that make life into a fun game. 

Elsa and Sarah went on several trips... did Oska, our little friend who is staying with us while my parents are away. He was happily exploring the boundaries, slipping through fences a couple of times only to be called back quickly! One must keep an eagle eye on precious charges such as this one! He has become the favoured mascot of the little ones in the family lately, with Théo and his cousin Lucy who love him. They make quite a cute little trio!

As the sun dipped towards the west, the washing was collected in dry while a little front-packed man grabbed a hold of the clothes line whenever he could. Little girls asked to be pushed "really high" on the tire swing (though they were a bit disappointed at mummy's lack of ability to really push them as high as papa can!) and then, when the shadows stretched longer and the air grew colder, we returned indoors to keep little bodies warm, to bath, snuggle back up into flannelette pyjamas, eat dinner and jump into cosy beds tucked in with warm wheat-bag animals. They've now been long asleep and I've just been treated to a delicious "surprise" dessert as I added my birthday voucher to Eti's shopping list tonight. It was well and truly worth a photo, but too delicious to put down :o)


  1. Love how idyllic your photos make your wee place in the world look. I hope you can enjoy lots of beautiful moments in the remaining time you have there. And hope that you are all on the mend again now xx

  2. You’re a lucky parent for having such beautiful and happy children! And how great it must be to raise them in a farm. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places for kids, because they were able to learn the importance of nature at such a young age. And also, it serves as a huge playground for them. Haha!

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group