Sunday, 20 July 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

I treated my girls to a new set of colouring pens this week seeing as they spend so much time drawing and their little collection had dwindled to only a couple. I did get a little over enthusiastic with a newly received printer shortly afterwards, though, and printed them out a pile of colouring-in pages of their favourite characters (i.e. Veggietales, Winnie the Pooh and Friends and Frozen) which meant that they were being coloured in rapid succession. Next time we'll ration them! But it is fun to see how they're both developing quite distinct ways of drawing. I can tell who has done which one just from these differences. One draws in squiggles and loops and the other tries very hard to colour in each different section. Very cute!

A: I love all the colours you use and your descriptions of what you've created. And this being one of your very favourite "friends" at the moment is worth capturing as a memory for time to come.

E: Your attention to detail is impressive. I always smile to myself and show Papa your creations and remark on how you've made sure you colour each section in. Your imagination is quite wild, too. It makes for some interesting drawings, like when I'm requested to draw you a monkey holding a turtle with a bottle of sun cream ;o)

T: It's not uncommon to see you trooping around with something in your mouth. Either a coloured wooden peg or a Duplo man. Your buddy Oska is off to a new home this week and I know you'll miss him, especially since you now say your own version of his name and love to watch his every movement. I'm thinking, though, that Oska will be quite relieved to be out of your collar-pulling clutches!

As a little extra I had a wee moment out in the garden the other day during one of our three-in-a-row beautiful, clear, sunny days this past week. The camelias caught my eye, as well as these berries on bare branches. A little Auckland winterscape ;o)

Have a great week out there!

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  1. Oh sunny clear days are so uplifting aren't they! Gorgeous pictures of your treasures :) The kids and colouring... if there are pictures to be coloured we must do them allatonce!! I've now taken to rationing and encouraging all the space on the page be coloured before "new" pictures arrive ;) hope you have a great week ahead! xx