Saturday, 11 October 2014

:: a hidden treasure of beauty and peace ::

Yesterday, with a dear friend who spent most of this past week with us, we visited a beautiful little lake in the forest at the bottom of mountain. We have also been here on three other occasions, in different seasons, first in the winter, then in the spring and then shortly before we moved to Switzerland in the autumn. It's one of my favourite little spots - tucked away in the forest and so peaceful. The autumn colours are starting to arrive lower down the mountain, so this time the colours were in between seasons. The weather was just starting to close in, so we were thankful to arrive just minutes before the wind picked up and the raindrops began to fall. So beautiful!


  1. Gosh Remaliah, these photos are awesome and totally capture the serenity... Feeling very peaceful looking at them! What a gorgeous spot xx

  2. Oh how beautiful! I especially love that 5th picture. Amazing place.