Tuesday, 7 October 2014

:: une grillade beside the lake ::

One thing I have always loved here is to make a fire and cook our dinner over it. For our last evening with our family in Bevaix, the proposed plan was to go down to the lakeside and do just that. The morning had started off rather grey and miserable looking further up the mountain, but as the day went on the sun appeared and the clouds dispersed. After our venture around the countryside, we arrived home and helped prepare quickly to go out again before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. It was a calm, warm evening with hardly a soul about, and it was a wonderful way to spend the best part of our last evening together, in the beauty of nature, with delicious food and fun company. It was equally special to see Eti's aunt and uncle, interacting with and loving our little people with much laughter and fun, as two little girls had turns riding Dutch-style on the back of Aunty Linda's bicycle, and then had a joyful game of cache cache (hide & seek) in the dark while waiting for us to catch up with them.


  1. Looks super lovely - memories are made of occasions like these! xx

  2. Love it, wonderful memory making times!

  3. So enjoying catching up on all your adventures - what amazing memories you are creating together xx