Tuesday, 5 January 2016

:: that which gives us life in this season ::

Hello 2016 :o)

I hold high hopes for you.

Last year held a lot of beauty and wonderful moments, as well as the arrival of a priceless member of our family, but in many instances it was crushing. It pushed us to our limits and we're still recovering. Often I look at the day and weeks ahead and wonder how I'm going to get through it with joy, feeling more than a tad weary. But it's not all gloomy - there are so many glimmers of hope and I know we are not alone. I've learned to calmly carry on, try not to sweat the small things, and trust that what we need will be provided for. God has been incredibly faithful like that, even when my faith has been lacking and dry. Always, always faithful.

In an effort to take care of myself and to be a healthier wife and mum, because I tend to neglect my needs, I have determined this year to pursue three creative outlets that give me life: to enjoy photographing the life and beauty that surrounds me (and document it more often here!), to formally learn more French, and to get back into art. I have had a long-held dream to illustrate that has never left me. I've got my watercolours, and recently purchased ink pens and paper waiting in the wings ;o)

Home life naturally takes up 95% of my days, and if I allow my perfectionist tendencies to take over, I can easily find things that need to be done 100% of my waking hours (around procrastinating!). I'm determined to let some things go, to focus on what matters - the precious people around us - and figure out how to make life even a little more simple and fun. I can learn from my children and Eti on this one!

I have a couple of little projects on the go that are quite exciting. As a part of the girls' Christmas gift, I pulled out the wooden dolls that I had bought for them a year earlier and managed to paint them in time for Christmas. As I painted I anticipated all the imaginary adventures they would embark on in the hands of our girls, and they have indeed over the past couple of weeks. I like to overhear their latest names and conversations ;o)

The dolls will soon have a home, which I'm really looking forward to dreaming up and finally starting work on. When they were babies I came across this wonderful dollhouse renovation. I was sold and immediately went online to find a second-hand dollhouse. So we've had this little home accompany us across the world and sit in storage until a couple of days ago. I have four months to give it a renovation for their birthday, and in the meantime the girls are spending hours creating a vivid imaginary world in an empty house.

We're realising the importance of making even small moments of time to do what we love to do and which refuel our tanks. Eti takes off for bike rides or kayaks around the area, and I am embracing the colour and life of being creative with art. Simplifying life, enjoying it, keeping our eyes up and outwards. These are just a few reasons to hold high hopes for this coming year.

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