Monday, 14 July 2014

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"A portrait of our children once a week, every week, in 2014."

We went for a stretch of almost 10 days without going off the property during the last couple of weeks, thanks to a couple of mystery rashes that appeared, then days of galeforce winds followed by a couple of days of solid rain! Unlike last year, this winter has treated us to some pretty enforced-stay-at-home days, which also means that clothes don't often replace the pyjamas until near lunch time and there is a lot of playing happening. Not a bad thing at all! During the first part of this last week the girls entered a colouring competition. As soon as I saw that it featured their current favourites - the Veggietales - I knew it was something they'd enjoy doing. They didn't quite understand the concept of having to send their completed pictures in, understandably, and while working away with crayons, pens, stickers, glue, glitter, and eyes, kept changing their minds about who they were going to give them to. I had to gently convince them that we were going to send them to the bookstore because they just might receive a pretty cool Veggietales prize. They love everything creative and are often found writing letters, making birthday cards or drawing pictures for various family members. 

Another current creative venture is constructing all sorts of things with their Duplo. Duplo has won me over since realising that the little guy can't choke on any of the pieces, as he is also a big fan at the moment. Though his creative use is more along the lines of crawling around with a Duplo man in his mouth or making "Brrrrrmmmmm!!" noises while pushing the car along. There have been several protest calls for help to keep him away from precious creations and vows that he can "never ever" touch the play kitchen or Duplo. Poor little guy! I often have to do a little negotiating on his and their behalf, and on the whole we come to a happy outcome ;o)

A: It's always fun watching you and your sister create, as it is seeing how your drawing/creating is developing. You took great care with this picture and the running commentary throughout the whole process was quite funny and priceless!

E: We're growing out your fringes at the moment, and several times I've been so close to sending a message to our favourite hair"cutter" to book an appointment because I do love them and you can hardly see when the hairclips and ties slip out! But we will persevere for a few weeks yet. You've had a great time building all sorts of fun constructions with your toys this week. Your little brother is not always a welcome companion during these times, though he quite admires your efforts and would love to grab a hold of them! 

T: These days you're either constantly on the move, trying to get to the laundry or toilet, or occupied with an interesting object you've spotted, pulling yourself up to your feet, often with an enthusiastic goal to reach Oska. This development of being able to stand up has foiled Oska's ability to get out of your reach, so I have to be extra vigiliant to come to his rescue now. As good as he is with children, Oska really doesn't appreciate his tags being pulled as much as you enjoy pulling on them. "No" has been a very recently introduced concept to you, our very adventurous and determined little explorer! 

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  1. As always a wonderful view into your life and loves xx

  2. Oh goodness so gorgeous! and takes me back! Little loves with mouths full of items, and bigger little loves protecting their turf - so gorgeous! Hope they hear back from the colouring comp and hope there are no more rashes! xx